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20 signs

20 signs you’re in deep with exam or thesis season #studentlyf

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1. Your hygiene levels are at an all-time low. You can definitely smell your own breath and body odor. 2. You’re looking up grade calculators online, to determine exactly how much you’ll need to score on the exam. 3. The only conversations you have are about how much study you have to do, how much you hate everything, and how exams are the worst possible test of your knowledge. “Like, when would this even happen in real life?” 4. You’re consciously ignoring the fact that your current rate and type of snack intake is likely to achieve Diabetes Type 2 in record time. 5. You’re seriously considering how acceptable it is to be on campus in your pyjamas. 6. You are technically wearing your pyjamas on campus because you don’t own any and haven’t changed out of the tracksuit and t-shirt you wore to bed last night. 7. You had to ask someone to change your social media passwords and keep them from you until a specific date. 8. Your skin and dark eye circles are on the way to making you look like an ‘after meth’ photo (adjective: study skin). 9. Your fitful sleep plagued by nightmares of sleeping […]


Student housing in doubt as Hobart’s tallest building

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Yesterday The Mercury published an article about the Hobart City Council’s apprehension on the University’s student accommodation complex planned for the CBD. The building planned for the corner of Melville and Elizabeth streets includes accommodation for 430 students, a car park, restaurant and a rooftop terrace. After looking into the issues raised by council, student reps of the TUU, including the current State President, incoming State President and continuing southern Environment Officer, have acknowledged that the building breaches standard council regulations. It is understandable that councillors would be concerned about a proposal for a 42 metre building in an area – 15 stories – where the height recommendation is up to 12 metres. The council’s “concerns about the height of the building” are legitimate. However, it is important to recognise that it would reap great benefits for University students and the Hobart city. The complex offers affordable accommodation and parking facilities that are well overdue for UTAS students. It also would bring a large cohort of young people back into the city; a much-needed revitalisation. While the TUU’s position is one of support for the Council’s desire to protect Hobart from becoming too industrial, the accommodation complex does not resemble […]

Music & Entertainment

REVIEW: You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

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Book, Music and Lyrics by Clark Gesner Presented by Mainstage Theatre Company Directed by Don Gay Peacock Theatre, Salamanca Place 23 October-2 November 2014

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MUSIC GIVEAWAY: Dark Matter of Story Telling

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Photo: Damien Peck Photography Dark Matter of Story Telling have played to great response at UTAS Sandy Bay over the last year, most recently at the Tog / Geo end of year barrel. If you’d like to feel partially responsible for getting them to Falls, don’t forget to vote dark! If you’d like to hear them again sooner than that, or catch a live show, Togatus is giving away heaps of copies of the band’s latest album, The Battle With Self. AND two spots on the door to a special show Friday night. Should be wild. The new single ‘Wise Man’, will launch at the Grand Poobah this Friday 24th October, to a live art display. Local artist Sam Wilkinson will paint and project his interpretation of the band’s music to create an immediate presence of expression in art and music. Email asap claim. Please include your full name and phone number so we can tell you that you won. Door pass to be called by 5pm on the 24th.