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8 things UTas VC Peter Rathjen can buy with his pay rise

News broke this week that UTas Vice Chancellor, Professor Peter Rathjen, has gained a pay rise of $250,000 per year. That’s a lot of money. A mind-boggling amount of money. It’s almost $5,000 more per week. The Examiner reports Professor Rathjen now earns at least $855,000 a year.

$250,000 is almost too big of a number for an arts student like myself to comprehend, so I thought I would break it down so I could visualise just how much someone could buy for $250,000. You never know, our honourable VC might even take up one of my suggestions.

  1.     A House

It wouldn’t be a great house, however I was able to find a few houses in the Hobart area Professor Rathjen could buy after saving a year’s worth of his pay rise.

  1.     2 2012 BMW M3s

Why have one BMW when you can have 2? For $125,000 each, Professor Rathjen could buy one BMW every six months.

  1.     10 Apple Watch Editions

At $24,000 each Apple’s most expensive 18 carat gold watch is way too expensive for most uni students, however our good old VC can get himself 10 a year with his new pay rise.

  1.     22 years in Disneyland

With the current exchange rate $250,000 could buy 22 premium annual passports to Disneyland. The benefits of these passes include 15% off selected dining, 20% off selected merchandise and free parking at the theme parks!

  1.     137 years of UTas parking

$250,000 could buy parking all day every day at UTas for 137 years.

  1.     409 VIP Taylor Swift pit tickets

$610.68 will buy one VIP ticket to Taylor Swift’s up coming Melbourne concert with pit access. $250,000 will buy 409 VIP Pit tickets to Taylor Swift’s Australian tour.

  1.     1,389 years of Netflix

I know the average human only lives for 74 years, but wouldn’t 1,389 years of Netflix access be swell? I know that Professor Rathjen wouldn’t be skimp on his subscription, he can get 1,389 years of Netflix’s best plan. If he wasn’t willing to share his plan he could get 1,893 years access with HD streaming.

  1.     51,975 Big Macs

51,975 Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun please. Because why not?


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  • Marnie

    This article is cute, but where’s the call to arms?

  • Madeleine Charles

    He could pay off my HECs debt 5 times!

    Wouldn’t that be nice!

    Love your work TOGATUS & the TUU! <3 xx

  • Josiah

    He probably needs a raise to deal with the stress associated with the fossil free persecution 😛

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