A Creative Approach to Fitness

The Art Gym Buddy Challenge

Over the summer holidays, two best friends endeavoured to complete a creative fitness challenge at a very unique and aesthetic gym in Hobart. We are Ella and Maddie, and we decided to begin our healthy living journey together with the help of Artgym, a boutique gym located on Liverpool Street in Hobart. We were pleasantly surprised to find a gym where fitness equipment lives harmoniously with artwork and greenery. So we began a unique challenge called the Buddy Challenge, and delved into Artgym’s ‘creative approach to fitness’.


Artgym’s history goes back during the mid-90s. Fitness enthusiast and art lover Eilish Kidd wanted to rebel against the ‘art school girl, heroin chick’ stereotype and get healthy. Her dream was to create “a gym that was aesthetically cool, with simple, versatile tools like boxing bags and kettlebells, artwork, and quality training”.  In 2015, in a fleeting opportunity, Eilish and her husband Miskad Kidd opened Artgym.


The first thing you notice about the gym is the colourful Memphis/80s style. The bold blue walls contrast the popping colour of the many kettlebells and artwork that surround the space. Artgym is also the home to an impressive collection of plants and hanging vines. There is even a piano within the gym where you can relax between sets, or play a melody for the yoga class. The gym’s design provides a space that is both fully functional and visually engaging.


In February 2017, The Buddy Challenge was introduced. The purpose of the 21-day challenge was to teach participants the strategies to achieve their health and fitness dreams. What’s the secret to this you ask?  Take a buddy with you along for the ride.


At the beginning of the challenge, everyone was partnered up, and a supportive community of buddies was formed. The purpose of forming buddies was to provide encouragement and accountability. The buddies scored points for consistency, interaction and results through completing workouts, gym visits and meal planning. Each day, we documented our meals, water intake, exercise, and sleep. Buddies could also gain points by using social media to share helpful tips with the other buddies, such as posting a recipe, or a roadblock.  At the end of the challenge, the points of each buddy pair were tallied and a winner was found.


The challenge was designed to help participants feel physically stronger, more energetic, and celebrate being the most confident versions of ourselves. By the end of the 21-day period found we had achieved fitness goals, developed new skills, and established a support network or trainers and peers.


The Buddy Challenge brought together people of all different fitness levels and ages, and created a supportive community. This is very important to Artgym: everyone who steps inside should feel welcome, no matter their age, gender, culture, race, or gym experience. The gym aims to accommodate to all members and provide support throughout their fitness journeys.


We’ve both been to gyms before, but never have we found a more supportive, creative and aesthetic fitness space. Artgym is a true gem amongst the grey and clunky corporate gym chains in Hobart. In our opinion, Artgym is a hub where creative, like minded  people can combine their love for art and fitness in a hipster cornucopia of aesthetic delight.


Artgym hopes to have more themed challenges in the future. To find out more about their philosophy, and be ready for the next challenge, head to

www.artgym.com.au. To see what the challenge was like for us, see our journeys on instagram at @fit_footsteps and @ellac_lifestyle.


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