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Finally, Hobart has aligned with what seems like the rest of the country in the opening of our first Platypus store.  This accompanies the gentrification of Hobart as a budding culturally forward city. Personally, footwear and fashion have always been an invested interest of mine. On my two visits to the Platypus store so far two things have been evident: first, Adidas Gazelles are still cool; second, from the number of people in the store on both occasions, I’m going to infer that it seems as if more people are joining me in this absorption than I may have expected.

From my experience, I largely disheartened that my “hobby” did not seem to be ubiquitous. I guess that this was a logical extension from the lack of alternative people that enjoyed sneakers in Hobart experienced – it was either catching an odd drop at Footlocker or cashing out online. On my visits to Platypus, I was instilled with some degree of confidence that it may have been this lack of an alternative that led me to believe this wasn’t a commonplace interest. In speaking to staff, of the store, they affirmed it wasn’t just busy with lookers; stock was flying off the shelves. So much so that the Hobart store sales eclipsed many of the bigger Melbourne store sales – good job everybody.

In discussion with staff regarding what was poppin’, old stuff is big. As assumable, Vans Old Skool took the top spot; Adidas Gazelles and Campuses closely flowed and; there was love for the timeless Nike Cortez.

But what was my impression? First, the atmosphere was on, it’s not like anything I had experienced within a store, not only in Hobart but potentially in Australia. Secondly, I was just honestly surprised about the sheer range that was provided. From the presence of the Pharrell Williams Human Race Tennis Shoes, Suede Classic Regal Pumas and Nike Dualtone Racers – it sounds cliché and I’m basically cringing typing this – the Store’s Maxim honestly rings true, “you can [genuinely] find a treasured iconic style or a newly engineered silhouette”. This is important – individuals are well… individual; people like me, like old; other people, like progression. Luckily no matter your flavour, here, you are covered.

The Hobart Platypus extinguished any fears I possessed regarding it being a subsidiary store and receiving outdated stock. This, in combination with the attentive and pleasant service I provided definitely amalgamated to provide for a really different and enjoyable shopping experience in Hobart. With any luck, this continued gentrification sees a shift toward more store openings that increase accessibility to good products that align with the development from what was once a dead fashion culture to where we are now – it’s axiomatic that this Platypus opening has added some sort of framework to this development.


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