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Bruny Bash 2017

Filled with local tunes, local brews and local feeds, the 2017 Bruny Bash truly delivered a weekend of good vibes. The festival celebrated everything there is to love about Tassie and the local music scene, bringing together new friends to enjoy great jams and have a groove on the wonderful location of Bruny Island, the home of the festival’s founder, Maddy Jane.

Less like a music festival and more like an intimate backyard party (if your backyard was a vineyard), the Bruny Bash had a distinctive Tassie feel. The line-up consisted primarily of homegrown Tassie acts, the food was produced using locally sourced ingredients, and an adorable Combi van provided Bruny Island brewed ciders and beers on tap (at reasonable prices too!). In typical Tassie fashion, it was not long before you would encounter friends or people that you knew by one degree of separation. This was the charm of the festival, aided by its intimate setting with a stage that was built for the occasion, similar in size and feel to the homebrewed stage at Falls Festival.

The list of acts grew this year compared to last year’s festival, featuring Sam Kucera, Kat Edwards, Hayley Couper, Carl Renshaw, Joe Mungovan, Jed Appleton, The Surreal Estate Agents, Lazer Baby, Maddy Jane, Chase City, Bad Pony, The Vanns, Abbe May and Soupy Mess. The crowd enthusiastically supported every act, as the vibe changed from the smooth and sweet acoustic sounds in the early afternoon to the more upbeat and soulful dance tunes in the evening.

Highlights of the festival included Jed Appleton smashing it out on the guitar and rolling around on the stage floor next to a smirking Christopher Coleman, the sunset’s pink and orange beams as stunning visual backdrop to the smooth, laidback grooves of Lazer Baby, and the spectacle of Soupy Mess pouring undiluted cordial down the throats of dazed and confused audience members.

Perhaps the standout performance was by Maddy Jane herself, supported by another appearance from Jed Appleton on guitar, as well as fellow band members Roxanne Tyler on bass and Tom Hann on drums. The uplifting indie-pop band performed some fresh new tunes and familiar favorites, as the audience enthusiastically grooved and sung along. Towards the end of the performance Maddy Jane acknowledged those who had made the weekend possible, followed by a massive applause from the audience and fellow band members acknowledging her hard work in coordinating and putting the festival together. Their friendship onstage made the performance all the more enjoyable to watch as an audience member.

Ultimately, the 2017 Bruny Bash was a great success that championed the local talent and celebrated all things Tassie in a beautiful location.  A massive accomplishment by Maddy Jane and fellow coordinators, I am looking forward to another round of sound next year!


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Image Credit: Yasmin Donnelly

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