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Dad Bods

The ideal male physique once consisted of biceps so big they could move mountains, abdominals so hard they could grate cheese and pecs so perky they could poke your eye out.

Oh, how the times have changed. The new ‘ideal’ male body according to people across the globe is not a bodybuilder, but a man instead, with just the right amount of hunk. This body type features a guy that works out occasionally, but also has a bit of a beer belly.

This extremely sexy physique is known as the ‘dad bod.’ However to possess a dad bod a child is not necessary, just a man with a somewhat pregnant looking belly.

This type of man would also serve as the perfect pizza-eating partner. You get to eat a whole pizza each without worrying about the calories. What’s not to love about this! Proud owner of a dad bod, Patrick Sheehan, says, “tasty food and beer is more satisfying than exercise!”

Many individuals also find the dad bod less threatening. Fellow dad bod enthusiast Jarrod Pitman confesses, “If I was going to approach a guy at the gym it actually adds another layer of stress on top of flirting.” This goes to show that men as well as women are faced with social pressure and unrealistic ideas about their appearance.

However the dad bod is not all about the possessor. Many individuals have declared their love for the dad bod. One of the most favourable features of their partner’s body type is the fact that they are not obsessed with their appearance or going to the gym. Allowing them to be carefree and relaxed. This benefits the relationship they have with their partner, as they are able to have a great time together without their boyfriend dwelling over his physique. They are also said to have extremely good cuddling abilities, and who wouldn’t want to cuddle up to these sexy, curvy men?

In the end it doesn’t matter if you are slim, chubby, chiselled or have a dad bod. The most important factor is that you are happy and healthy. If someone doesn’t appreciate you the way that you are then you shouldn’t bother gracing them with your presence.

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