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Did you pay to have your say?

Nominations for the Tasmanian University Union Elections have thinned out as the University’s new Student Lifecycle Information Management & Services program (SLIMS) enforces election rules.

During election periods of previous years the university campus would be awash with students in colourful t-shirts forcing paper down your throat, however this year the campus is empty. This is due to the University’s new Student Lifecycle Information Management & Services program (SLIMS).

The University claims that SLIMS is designed to Improve the UTAS student experience.” However a consequence of this is the enforcement of so called Rule 3 that in previous years was hard to enforce.

This means that any student who has not paid the Applicable Fees in this case SSAF, will not be eligible to Run for office, Nominate a candidate, or vote in the election.

State President Heidi La Paglia has expressed concern over how this will affect the elections. Ms La Paglia said the requirement that students have paid their SSAF can create problems for students who are unable to pay their fees for financial reasons.

However Tomas Rolf, the only candidate currently running for State President, disagrees with Ms La Paglia saying that rule 3 does not necessarily create a negative impact on the process, as the HECS system does cover all the applicable fees for domestic student.” Mr Rolf also said the impact of how this will affect International Students is unclear.

Mr Rolf concluded that this will be something state council will need to assess and address next year.

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  • John Tanner

    Hey all.
    Feel free to send all hate mail to me at tannerj@utas.edu.au

  • Mark rosen

    probably the smartest thing i’ve read all day. wew lad

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