“That was delicious, I cannot wait for dessert,” Alicia said as Alexander collected her plate.

“Yes, just wonderful,” chimed in the other guests.

“Just a simple lemon margarine pie, that I made from scratch,” Alexander said as he walked away.

He put the plates in the sink to soak, made a Cointreau Teese, and went back into the dining room. The guests were all chatting, laughing, drinking wine. Alexander picked up an empty bottle of merlot and replaced it with a new one before resuming his seat.

“… and not to mention the kids got lice. I at least expect the parents to clean their kids,” Bethany said, sipping her glass of sparkling wine.

“Exactly, when I found lice in my child’s hair I was flippant. Something needs to be done about the falling standards at that place,” Alicia replied.

“Well, with the tuition you both pay, you’d expect the school to be lice-less,” Alexander interjected in.

“It’s the new principal, he has a scholarship program to accept those from less acceptable homes so they can better themselves and get out of poverty, or something like that,” Bethany said with disgust.

“He needs to be removed,” said Johanna, joining the conversation. “If my kids came home with lice, I’d pull them out straight away. It’s so unbecoming of a child with our breeding.”

Alexander suppressed a giggle. He looked at them for a moment, processing what they were saying.

“Breeding,” he finally said. “It sounds like you are talking about dogs.”

The look on their faces was palpable. Johanna let out a squeak, while Alicia and Bethany looked like they had planned a murder.

“Soon you will call those that you think shouldn’t be in the school ‘mutts’,” Alexander continued.

“You said that, not us,” Alicia said.

“And then your daughters will be referred to as ‘bitches’.”

“Rachel can be sometimes,” Johanna said vacantly.

“Johanna!” Alicia and Bethany exclaimed while Alexander laughed.

Taking a sip of her merlot, Johanna said, “She was screaming because we got her a black pony, not a white one. She had to have a white one. I finally told her if she didn’t accept what we got her, I’d shoot it. Shut her right up,”

“My kind of discipline,” Alexander said laughing. “Anyway, I’ll go get the pie,”

As he walked into the kitchen, he could hear them arguing about how to discipline a child, and threatening to shoot their pony was not the way to do it. He cut up the pie, took out the first three slices, and then took out his piece with the rest of the pie, before heading back into the kitchen to grab a knife.

He stood there, knife in hand, looking out at the water. The light at the end of his little jetty was blinking, water taken into the blackness. He wanted to go there, to swim, yet the guests in his dining room prevent him from going.

“Hey, coming back out?” Alicia said, her hand resting on his shoulder.

“Yes, of course.”

“I get it, I like to just stand and listen to the water.”

They walked back into the dining room and sat down. They started their pie. Everyone issued a round of compliments.

“So, met anyone new yet?” piped up Johanna.

“It’s been three weeks, Johanna,” Alexander said as he sipped a glass of sparkling wine.

“But it’s never too early to have sex,” Bethany said as he raised her glass. Alicia and Johanna did so too.

“Well, when you are the main suspect in your boyfriend’s disappearance, and I’m guessing soon to be murder case, people tend to not want to fuck you, because they think they might die,”

“Well, that’s true,” Alicia said.

“That reminds me, Bethany, you did get the body cremated?”

“Yes, Alicia’s brother cremated it, and Johanna scattered the ashes.”


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