eSports: a new era for sport at UTas

The University of Tasmania (UTas) eSports society, in conjunction with the UTas Table-top and Technology and Computing societies have big plans to showcase an exciting, new approach to the Tasmanian gaming scene with plans for the first annual Convention of Gaming (COG) set to take place in the coming months.

For those of you who are wondering, eSports stands for ‘electronic sports’ and is a form of professional gaming that is played competitively through the use of computers and video game consoles.

The popularity of the sport itself is currently on the rise within Australia and incorporates a range of games including League of Legends, Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros, Defence of the Ancients (DotA) and more.

“eSports is massive at the moment, surprisingly, as most people wouldn’t be aware of some of the tournaments and some of the big competitions and stuff that have come through. Like last year we had League of Legends have their Oceanic Championships at Luna Park [in Melbourne]” said eSports President, Daniel ‘Exarch’ Chisholm.

“The prize money associated with these tournaments and competitions is absolutely massive!” He said.

The society has only been running since the start of this year, and was established because Daniel, as well as eSports Secretary, Mika ‘KingdomRoses’ Seabourne saw a void in video game conventions within Tasmania in comparison to mainland Australia.

“There’s just been nothing down in Tassie that is specifically game oriented so what we’re trying to achieve here is give everyone in Tassie the chance to be able to have a taste of those big events like PAX and EB Games Expo […] and have it as a big local thing”, said Daniel.

The event also plans to pack in some top secret special guests to provide advice to upcoming game streamers and developers.

“My whole dream is to get Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton to our convention as part of Geek and Sundry or to be able to get one of the top tier teams in gaming competitions down,” Mika said.

“At the moment we’re talking about bringing in some gaming streamers to not just talk about what they do but to help people who might be interested in starting up gaming streams themselves,” she said.

“We’ve already got a few names down but we’re not going to drop just yet”, Daniel confirmed.

While plans for the convention were originally set to take place in August this year, the event was unfortunately postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

However according to the UTas eSports Facebook group, Daniel confirms that “COG is not dead, just postponed. Although delaying the event is not ideal, it does mean that we can make it bigger and better come November.”

The event has since been re-confirmed to take place in the UTas Activity Centre from the new dates of November 25th – 27th.

For more information on the Convention of Gaming (COG) or if you are interested in joining the UTas eSports society, you can visit the Facebook event page by clicking here.

Or sign up to their Facebook group here. 

Update: Due to reasons outside of the organiser’s control, the Convention of Gaming (COG) has unfortunately been cancelled for 2016 until further notice. Stay tuned for more as they plan to bring back more competitions, giveaways and a bigger and better event in 2017.


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