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We can all admit to having grown to dislike some of our ‘friends’ on Facebook over time. While we’ve always had the option to unfriend them when they became too unbearable, we may now need to rethink the consequences of our actions. Especially if that so called ‘friend’ we deleted was actually a co-worker.

A Launceston woman recently made headlines around the world after a court ruled her in favour over claims of workplace harassment after being defriended on Facebook by her colleague. It would seem that this all sounded a little immature however the Judge also constituted a range of other factors that resulted towards the case of workplace bullying.

In response to this I have compiled a satirical list of the five most annoying types of ‘friends’ that are worthy enough to hit that unfriend button.

Let the culling begin!

The Proud Parents

Congratulations! You have just become parents for the first, second, third, eleventh time. However when parenthood completely takes over your life so much that you start sharing your baby’s’ bowel movements, that is just too much. Don’t get me wrong, babies are cute but there is a line on how much you should share and that line has been crossed. The story of little Johnny’s first poo should only be appropriate for 18th Birthdays.

The Selfie Queen

Of course one or two selfies is fine but if you’re that person who takes a million of them a day and wonder why your friend count is dropping, maybe it’s because you’ve uploaded your entire camera roll with images of yourself that look exactly the same as the one before!

The Over Sharers

The ones who just have to pour their heart and soul into every status update. I swear these people write the same amount as I do for a major assignment – Does Facebook have a word limit yet? No? I must have been dreaming.

The Attention Seeker

Typically known for writing open ended status updates about their feelings such as “I’m such a terrible person”, “Why me?” or “Sad face.” This is generally used to draw attention to themselves and trapping their friends into asking “what’s wrong?” – Only to be followed by an uncomfortable silence.  

and finally, everybody’s favourite:

The FarmVille Enthusiast

Friend: “Hey, I just planted a tree and now I want to plant another tree and potentially create a whole fucking forest. Will you help me in my quest? We can plant trees together”.

The answer is no and always will be no! Maybe you could turn your new found hobby into reality by saving the planet – Go outside and plant a real tree!

Whether it be any of the above or more, I’m sure everyone can identify that there is at least one of their Facebook ‘friends’ that really grinds their gears.

Did I miss any? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Sergei Von Complainsington

    Is this meant to be a witty buzzfeed type article? Because seriously, this list has been done to death so much that it’s just overkill now. We know people who take selfies are the worst. And don’t even get me started on those damn parents being all proud of the life they have created.

    Also, farmville requests? Are you still in 2012? It’s all about the candy crush these days.


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