Full STEM Ahead for Hobart CBD

The University of Tasmania has received a commitment from the federal government to transfer a number of key courses and facilities from Sandy Bay to the CBD of Hobart.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has today announced support from the federal government for the UTas STEM centre project on the corner of Argyle Street and Melville Street.

Supplied by UTas

PM Turnbull said there is a lot of work to be done.

“We will be working with the university and the state government, to see how we can support and cooperate on that,” PM Turnbull said.

Housing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines, the new centre would shift many courses away from Sandy Bay into the heart of the city.

The total level of funding from the government has not been announced, although the project is estimated to cost $400 million.

The project gained momentum in 2017 after receiving support and interest from key government and community groups.

The announcement is part of a wider Hobart City Deal, which plans to revitalise the Hobart CBD with funding from the private sector and the federal and state governments.

The announcement comes just two months out from the Tasmanian State Election where the governing Liberal party is seeking re-election. PM Turnbull refused to comment on whether the agreement would go ahead if the Liberal state government was not returned in March.

The STEM Centre will add to the eight other buildings the university already has constructed across Hobart in recent years.

The announcement continues to extend the vision of UTas of transforming Hobart into a ‘university city’ as it considers further moves into the CBD.

Funding to relocate the Newnham campus to Inveresk in Launceston and the Cradle Coast campus to West Park in Burnie will also be officially transferred today.

Construction of those campuses is expected to begin soon.


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  1. AvatarJoel Williams Reply

    Thank you for that thrilling re-wording of another Utas press release and for plugging the upcoming Liberal-lead state election. Don’t forget, though, slavish reporting of Government statements and plans often only amounts to free advertising for those statements and plans. I don’t hold any great hopes for Utas-funded magazines to present us with real journalism but I’m sure there is a little bit of room for critique, don’t you? Unlike this article, however, I’d like to ask a question or two: Has Utas stated exactly which of the many key courses and facilities will be relocated from Sandy Bay? STEM is much too broad an acronym – I have no doubt that many students and teachers would like to know the details of those courses, if indeed, Utas has planned that far ahead. And has there been any indication of which faculties will have their funding decreased as a result of the move? Or might those faculties see a funding increase, given that space will be made at the Sandy Bay campus? Any extra information, outside of what has already been reproduced for this real estate article, would be greatly appreciated.

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