or the Manic Millennial

It’s commonly said that Generation Y,  or the “Manic Millennial”, as the self-righteous baby boomers love to name us, are lazy, addicted to social media, need instant gratification, have a shitty work ethic, and are demanding AF.  Some assumptions as to Y are:

  • We received too many participation certificates, and as a result didn’t learn merit – instead we expect to be thanked for just, like, existing n’ stuff
  • We’re constantly told we’re special *bats eyelashes* and as a result we think we deserve to be rewarded for just like, waking up
  • We’ve grown up with role models like Paris Hilton (Paris for President 2020) and Kim Kardashian (I also idolise Kimmy, she’s an amazing woman), who are famous for sex tapes, partying, and being attractive

As a result of all of these things, we’re now branded as “entitled, narcissistic, unfocused, and lazy”, at least according to Simon Sinek in his Inside Inquest talk on Millennials in the Workplace.  Despite this brand (that I will humbly embrace because it empowers me) actual statistics show an increase of younger generations going on to pursue higher education.

The Department of Education and Training Statistics said that in 2011, 36.6% of 20 year olds attend University, up from 32.6% in 2006. In 2011, the percentage of population achieving Bachelor’s Degrees was nine times higher than in 1971, and for many of us, we do this while having a casual job. This requires us to study day and night, plus fit in work to pay for our super entitled lifestyles and social media addictions, while simultaneously trying to socialise, keep healthy, and keep our grades up *drowns*. Not so easy, huh?

Furthermore, according to Department of Education and Training Statistics, the data states that for every 80 males there are 100 females enrolled at University. This suggests that not only are Gen Y and the Millennials more proactive about education, they’re also breaking down the glass ceiling for women. We’re vastly more accepting of people’s differences because we’ve grown up in an era of diversity. We’re smashing down gender roles and stereotypes, and tackling racism, discrimination and classism. We’re informed, confident, and stubborn AF; and we won’t STFU until someone listens.

We’re educating ourselves to help the world be a better place. Whether it be saving the environment, fighting for Human Rights, women’s autonomy, or the acceptance of same-sex marriage, we’re proactive. We’re called unfocused and unengaged, but we’re the absolute opposite. We’re constantly engaged to the point of no escape. We’re relentlessly fed news updates online from the palm of our hands, all of which are from a variety of sources, requiring us to read different views before forming opinions. We’re continually  informed on world issues, and we can literally access any information. We’re growing up in the era of oversharing which forces us to think for ourselves.  But nah, call us lazy again, pls.


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