How to… decorate on a shoestring

This is one for the seasoned Kmart hackers, you know who you are. You veer towards the homewares section, you like to customise and are impartial to the odd crafternoon – but you aren’t exactly rolling in cash. So here are two projects for you, my fellow crafters, to help you decorate your home on a shoestring budget:

Doily lampshade

I love these doily lampshades because they are cheap, easy to make and the final product is really nice. You will need a balloon, inflated to the desired size of your lampshade and lace doilies, which can be picked up from the op-shop for a few dollars or you can crochet your own if you’re feeling really crafty. Firstly, you need to cover the balloon in petroleum jelly so it can be easily removed from the doilies at the end. Then in a plastic bowl, mix some liquid craft glue, one tablespoon of plain flour and two tablespoons of water. The next bit is easier if you place the balloon in a bowl so it doesn’t move around too much. Line up the centre of your largest doily with the top of the balloon and then use a paintbrush to cover it evenly with glue. Take your next doily and slightly overlap its edge with the first and cover with glue. Repeat this process until the balloon is covered, leaving a small space at the bottom for the light kit. Leave until the glue is completely dry and then pop the balloon and remove through the space at the bottom. Insert a light kit and either fix to a lampstand or to the ceiling.

Upcycling jars

Old jars can be reused for so many things – the possibilities only end where your imagination does. They can be great organisers in the bathroom to hold cotton balls, cotton tips and makeup brushes. Try super gluing figurines to a painted lid, to create a series of matching jars. Alternatively, you can drill holes in the lid to make the jar into a toothbrush holder. Jars can also be turned into great little terrariums, vases or tea light candle holders, which can be customised with paint or ribbons. You can hit up Pinterest for more inspiration or head to YouTube for tutorials.

Daisy Baker

Daisy is studying a Bachelor or Arts and is majoring in Journalism, Media and Communications, and English. She loves all things arts and culture.

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