Impressions – Party Golf

Designed and Developed by local Tasmanian indie game studio, Giant Margarita, Party Golf is a game that takes both partying and golfing seriously.

Party Golf is designed to turn any social gathering into a real party, while the couch multiplayer game is to be played with up to eight friends at a time. Single player against the CPU is also supported, but it is not recommended.

With over 100 playable modes and fully customisable levels, including anti-gravity, water, mines and the darkness, Party Golf is the lovechild of Desert Golf and Tower Fall.

The key objective is to guide your golf ball through a maze and toward the flag before time runs out (or someone sinks first).

If you’re up for a more lethal challenge, try using the other alternatives of golf balls, including a brick, a banana, or fruit salad.

I wonder what their obsession is with fruit?

While the game is pretty basic with its graphics, it doesn’t really need them. If neon colours aren’t enough to get you into the party spirit, then the game’s soundtrack will definitely get you on your feet and out of your seat.

Do as the developers do – “Less Golf, More Party!”

But be warned, the game is both as addictive as it is frustrating!

Party Golf is available now on Steam and PlayStation 4, however it has recently been announced by Giant Margarita that it is soon to be available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

So you can now take your Party on the go(lf)!


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