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IN REVIEW – Falls Festival: Day one

Day one of Falls Festival 2015 started with a bang, literally. Percussionist composer Ben Walsh described himself as “the most human piece of technology here.” Creating an eltronica sound live on stage through the use of his pimped out drumkit, Ben had the crowd on their feet in no time. Unusually for an electronic performer Ben used no presets, instead creating his pieces live on stage. Ben skillfully controlled the atmosphere of the arena with constant changes in tempo. We also have to mention the custom drum wheel that Ben is famous for; although it felt underused, it was as entertaining as the rest of his set and created a standout performance.

The most original performance of the day was given by El Vez, the Mexican Elvis. Putting his own spin on classics such as Kim Wilde’s Kids in America, (which he dubbed Mexicans in America) El Vez weaved in his own messages of freedom, acceptance, peace and a love of the American way. It wasn’t just the unusual take on songs that made El Vez the standout act of the day; it was his entire image. Every song came with an extravagent costume change, and his band and backing singers matched his image by dressing in costumes of red, white, and blue. The dance moves and sweeping guitars were as classic as The King himself. El Vez had a message for everyone, from Tasmanian festival-goers, to Donald Trump.

The Mr G Singalong, a last minute addition to the line-up (replacing Weird Al, to our devastation) simply proved that it doesn’t take a live act to fill the arena, and have revelers singing at the top of their lungs.

Fleetmac Wood brought Boogie Nights to life, spinning Fleetwood Mac classics with a twist. There is something comforting about getting to dance into the night to classic songs that you’re already familiar with, even if they now sound completely new. Fleetmac Wood were fun, full of energy and knew just what the crowd wanted.

Art Vs Science are a breath of fresh air in a world where electronica DJ’s seem to prosper. Sticking to classic music-making roots, Art Vs Science give you the live experience you have been dreaming of since the first time you heard Parlez Vous Francais. Art Vs Science are an Australian band that create beautiful dance pop. The live experience is full of energy and heart and the boys play together with skillful ease. Art Vs Science were the perfect act to bring day one of Falls Festival 2015 to a close.

Running over the course of Falls Festival is a new addition to the scene; the Home-Brewed stage. Home-Brewed showcases Tasmanian musicians of a wide variety and maintains a strong audience even while the larger acts play elsewhere. Us Tassies love local music, and the success of Home-Brewed proves it.

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