Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby

Sex! The mysterious word that is all about the lovin’. Since Adam and Eve first started doing ‘it’ there have been some funky new moves, some banging, bonking, and fucking new words to describe it, as well as a ton of misconceptions around it. So, without further ado… let’s talk about sex, baby!

Should you be abstaining from that sweet love-making before the big game tomorrow?

HELL NO! This myth has been believed by athletes from all sports. It is rumoured that Muhammad Ali wouldn’t get down and dirty for six weeks before a fight. Based on his career, it is understandable why couples refrain from intercourse before sporting competitions.

However, scientists believe that there is no evidence to suggest that bonking before an event is bad. It is even argued that it could benefit the male athlete by raising his testosterone levels.

But do not fear if you are unable to get a bit jiggy with your missy and/or mister, some scientists also believe that sexual frustration can lead to a more aggressive sporting performance which is of course beneficial to some athletes.

Wearing socks while banging is a turn off.

This my friends, is false. So, keep your fluffy socks on while you engage in a bit of rumpy pumpy.

A study was conducted in the Netherlands that scanned the brains of men and women while their partners attempted to bring them to an orgasm. But it was a tad chilly on the willy and/or cold on the hole, this caused the participants to complain about having cold feet, amongst other things. Surprisingly, out of the participants that were given socks, more of them were able to have orgasms over those with cold feet.

So what the heck, why not get matching sex slippers!

Women don’t watch porn.

Lies, lies, lies. Did you know that in 2016 women made up 26 per cent of Pornhub’s visitors worldwide?! With the ladies most searched terms being lesbian, lesbian scissoring, threesome and big black dick.

So why not spice it up a little and have a date night that involves a little bit of popcorn and a whole lot of porn.  

Will a boy’s testicles explode if he doesn’t have sex?

No. But blue balls is in fact a real thing.This is when a male gets turned on but doesn’t ejaculate. Due to a buildup of blood in the testicles and/or prostate area, he may feel pain and tenderness down below.

But will this kill him? No. Try a cold shower or a bit of self-lovin’.

Can you tell the size of a man’s penis by his shoe size?

Well, you know what they say about big feet… big socks. And literally that’s all you will learn from a dude’s shoe size. That, and his taste in fashion.

So keep on loving and don’t forget – if you think she’s spunky, cover your monkey!


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