Limbo Unhinged at the Spiegeltent

Another year has gone by and the Spiegeltent is once again entertaining the Hobart masses with its eclectic mix of shows from all around the world and in true Spiegeltent form the headline show of Limbo Unhinged did not disappoint.

A wondrous blend of music, comedy and circus created an intriguing and unique experience for each and every audience member. Some moments had audiences laughing at the antics of the central caveman-like character, while others had them gasping at the fantastical and incredibly dangerous feats of the performers.

With acts ranging from aerial acrobatics, to sword swallowing, to tap dance, audiences were never certain of which new surprise would come up next, but they could be sure that whatever was coming up next would not fail to entrance.

Standouts included the gasp-inducing sword swallower who revealed herself to also be a talented fire eater, the marvellous and slightly perplexing Chinese-pole masters who were beyond words, the pair’s acrobats who seemed to defy physics with their heart pumping throws and flips, and the comedic and acrobatic feats of the caveman character, who in my mind was labelled as such by a rather vocal audience member.

But, I believe the true stars of the show to be the talented musicians who provided the wonderful complimentary soundtrack to the acts and whose bass one could feel in their very bones.

I would recommend Limbo Unhinged to anyone who is a fan of music and circus, or to those who want to be transported to a strange and slightly grunge like world of extreme talent and comedy.


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