Make Tasmania Great Again


Celebrating Uni Revue’s 70 Years of Political Incorrectness

The Uni Revue is celebrating its seventieth year this year, and if what I’ve seen at rehearsals is any indication, this may be the best year yet. With an opening number that needs to be seen to be believed, it is obvious that ‘Make Tasmania Great Again’ is going to be one hell of a show. As Co-Director Harrison Smith aptly states, “It’s an annual Tasmanian tradition. It’s brilliantly stupid. It’s lewd, rude crude and nude, and unapologetic for being so.  Full of energy, effort, bright light and brilliance – our team is incredibly committed to bringing a high-energy show every single night. It’s as much fun as you can have with your clothes on, . . . or off!”

The Uni Revue is the oldest Revue in Australia, and is unequivocally the greatest one. Since its humble beginnings in 1948, the Revue has covered hundreds of controversial and relatable topics through their unique style of hilarious satire; such as the budget, bogans, MONA, Sandy Bay snobbery, local politics and political fails and plenty of other shit-stirring tales in between.

When Director and Revue veteran Nick Paine was asked about what was being planned to celebrate 70 years of Revue madness, he informed me that this year was going to be different, excuse the cliché. Instead of hosting a separate show to celebrate the anniversary, Paine plans to incorporate celebrations into ‘Make Tasmania Great Again’. He hinted at possibly bringing back some old sketches from previous shows, as well as keeping quintessential sketches as a staple of what makes the Revue so wonderfully unique.

This year’s cast also follows the same formula, featuring both Revue veterans alongside Paine and Revue virgins.They hope to introduce more new faces to the Revue world, with both directors stressing that they want to reconnect with uni students, as the Revue and the University have drifted apart over the last couple of years since their split, and the Revue’s subsequent move to the Old Nick Theatre Company.  

The Revue this year is also special in that they have partnered with Tasmanian Suicide Awareness Charity – Speak Up Stay ChatTY. When asked about this, Paine explained that as ‘we are an annual Tasmanian Comedy Performance. It makes sense to help a Tasmanian cause create a broader knowledge of recognising the signs of people struggling with depression. If Revue can assist Speak Up Stay ChatTY, raise both money for their cause, and greater public awareness that’s a really good thing.’

The Revue is a historic Tasmanian theatre institution, boasting alumni as diverse and as notable as Lara Giddings, Tasmania’s first Female Premier. Lara appeared in 1991’s Revue – Little State of Horrors. 70 years strong, and the Revue is showing no signs of slowing down.

From Obama Mia to Indiana Joe , the Revue never fails to shock, surprise and titillate with amazing content and laugh-til-you-pee gags. So get yourself to the Uni Revue this year and join the politically incorrect party!


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  1. AvatarAmanda Reply

    Speaking of political incorrectness, who would fail to notice the sea of cultured young Australians in the b&w photo on the home page, with “Make Tasmania Great Again” linking us through to here. Intentional click bait…? Maybe. Perhaps the inherent political satire is too subtle for old ducks like me. Can these pages be any more white?

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