Minimalism: Less is better

Minimalism is a lifestyle tool that encourages us to remove unnecessary distractions in our lives by curating our belongings so that we are only surrounded with items we like and actually use.

Practicing minimalism affords us greater focus by giving us the physical and mental space necessary for processing our days and making more meaningful decisions.

Now that we have established that minimalism is good for you, let’s fast-forward to see how it’s faring on social media platform, YouTube.

A quick search on ‘minimalism’ returns numerous videos on ‘capsule wardrobes’, ‘minimalist room tours’ and ‘the KonMari method of decluttering’, a masterpiece by famous Japanese organising consultant, Marie Kondo.

Derived from Kondo’s name, the KonMari method of tidying is considered to have taken the world by storm in recent years.

Boasting sales of over 5 million copies worldwide, Kondo’s 2011 book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, promises to improve our lives in many aspects.

It may initially seem redundant to those who think tidiness is a matter of choice, rather than a learnable skill.

However, the KonMari method appears to be working its magic in homes globally.

It has since gained a loyal following of individuals whose swear tactic is to take steps to simplifying their lives.

The KonMari method consists of gathering everything one owns, one category at a time, and choosing to keep only things that “spark joy”.

This may seem like common sense when one first reads about it but the KonMari method is rather different to the typical way of decluttering.

Instead of clearing out a specific area like a bookshelf, the KonMari method suggests that one gathers a category of items, such as books, before starting to declutter.

The KonMari method also encourages one to take the drastic step of choosing items to keep, rather than deciding what to toss.

This often results in one being rid of a much larger pile of stuff than if one were to employ a more conventional method of decluttering.

Overall, the KonMari is an effective method in quickly minimising one’s possessions.

What better way to jump on the minimalist bandwagon than to live by Dieter Ram’s principle, “Less is better”?



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