Moscow Ballet ‘La Classique’ Presents: Swan Lake at Theatre Royal

Over the years there have been many adaptations of the classic ballet, Swan Lake; some wondrous and some cringeworthy. However, the Moscow Ballet’s adaptation of Swan Lake was neither. Instead, it fits the adjective of average quite comfortably.

Whilst it did have its stand out performances, like the iconic four swans dance and the many pairs dances, namely between Odette and her prince, it was the corps de ballet and its soloists that brought the performance down with a lack of discipline and a number of stumbles. Although the skill of the dancers could not be denied, their skills simply did not live up to the outstanding reputation Russian ballet companies have. Their corps failed to remain still and in character during the performances and the soloists tripped and misstepped throughout their dances. During the corps dances, there was a lack of uniform timing, with some dancers falling behind or failing to match their partners.

Despite this, the precision of the principal dancers could not be ignored for their motions were always fluid and captured the attention of everyone in the theatre. In addition, the costumes left nothing to be desired, for they were detailed, beautifully made and well suited to the story of Swan Lake and fully supported the tale being woven by the dancers.

Overall, the ballet was neither awe-inspiring or nap-inducing. It was simply average and not worth the high price for tickets.



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