Never Too Soon

‘Boo Seeka’ has one of the most interesting creation stories ever. From barely knowing each other when staring the band, to touring with only two songs released, ‘Boo Seeka’ have created something pretty special. I had a chat to Ben and Sam about their latest album, ‘Never Too Soon’, and upcoming Hobart show.

  1. How did you find time to make an album with all the touring you do?

A lot of it came together while we were on tour. That’s when we were exposed to the most new music, new cultures and we used that inspiration to create and write ideas down on the road. When we could we would take the best little studio possible with us, you know just a laptop and some speakers, maybe a keyboard or something and a guitar and do what we can on the road. So a lot of it was recorded on the road and then when we get back and we’ve got a few weeks off at home we get stuck into the studio then and get it down

  1. Do you enjoy making music in this “spur of the moment” kind of way?

It’s pretty much just the way it must happen. We really enjoy touring and we think it is an important part that connected us and to do with music. We’re also going to be doing it so we have to make music while were doing it [touring] I suppose.

  1. Do you have a personal new favourite song off the latest album ‘Never Too Soon’?

For different reasons, different vibes. I [Sam] love ‘Humans’. ‘Humans’ is a personal favourite, it was one of those ones that came together pretty quickly and when they come together pretty quick it often means that they’re special or there is something good in them.

  1. There was once a time where people couldn’t tour without having an album out, yet    Kim Churchill asked you guys to join him on tour after you released one single. How did  that feel? Was it hard to tour without having a large amount of music released?

We were pinching ourselves. We couldn’t believe it but I think it’s a pretty common trend that’s happening these days now with a lot of new artists. People are managing to sell out venues off the back of a couple of songs, I think it’s just the way it is now. We found it hard because we only had the one song. We pretty much found ourselves sitting upstairs at a bar above the venue at the eleventh hour trying to write a couple of songs for the show that night. So we were writing songs and then playing them about an hour later. So that was tricky but it was what we had to do.

  1. You guys have played a heap of festival shows, do you prefer festivals or your own shows?

There’s pros and cons with both. Nothing compares to the vibe of your own shows, but festivals are just like a big party and they are a lot of fun and you engage with the crowds. Ben and I will just walk out into the crowd after we play and we’ll just spend the rest of the day watching other bands, hanging out with other people and you can’t do that at your own show. It’s also really good to hang out with other bands that we’re friends with because you don’t often get time to catch up with other people. Both are great.

  1. What can we expect from ‘Boo Seeka’ in the future?

A lot more of what we’re doing I think. A lot more touring, a lot more music. World Domination [laughs].

  1. What can people expect from your upcoming show at the Waratah and why should they come along?

I think they should come along because they’re probably going to have a lot of fun and hopeful they’re going to hear some songs that they will like. We’ve stepped up the production level on this tour so it’s going to sound better, it will look better and all those kinds of things. We’re super excited to be going out and getting back down to Hobart. We love it down there and apparently, we shave [sic] to check out the MONA. It’s always the first thing we get told to do down in Hobart.

‘Boo Seeka’ play the Waratah Hotel on Friday the 10th of November.

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