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Record Store Day is here to stay

There once was a time when the word ‘vinyl’ conjured nostalgic memories of your Dad dusting off his prized Beatles record, and talking for hours about which songs were  best. However, when the introduction of the magical CD came about, records seemed to be pushed away in a cardboard box in the back of the cupboard.

Now the record is again having its time in the limelight. Nonetheless, there have always been beloved collectors who believe that records are way better than CDs and remain avid collectors and listeners.

In Hobart, the heart of record store culture lies within Tommy Gun Records. Records ranging from Nirvana and Tame Impala, to Kendrick Lamar and ACDC line the walls of the store and demand is always high. Today, Tommy Gun Records is gearing up for the day that fills them with excitement, Record Store Day.

Created to celebrate the wide range of independent record stores worldwide, Record Store Day is now in its ninth year and is gaining momentum.

The 16th of April is the day when record lovers will come together to buy and talk about records, get their hands on limited edition releases, and first time record buyers can come in and learn more about the sweets sounds of vinyl discs.

Tommy Gun Records vinyl enthusiast Adam McGregor has grown up with vinyls and cannot get enough. When asked what he loves most about records he says “The sound. It’s warmer and has a broader range when compared to CD’s.”

MacGregor recalls how he grew up listening to record players and then moved on to cassette tapes and CD’s. However, vinyls have always had a soft spot in his heart.

He also says younger generations are becoming increasingly interested in listening to and buying vinyl, as well as the baby boomers who are taking a trip down memory lane and discovering new music as well.

Mr McGregor says sales of records have gone up in past years as demand increases. “It’s definitely a boom for us.”

Record Store Day 2016 sees the releases of vinyls and special editions by artists such as The Ramones, James Bay, Elvis Presley and Mumford and Sons just to name a select few.

Record Store Day is also paying tribute to the late David Bowie, with the release of special editions of his works including The Man Who Stole the World, which features rare album artwork for the classic released in 1970. With numerous new releases of both new and old remastered works there is something to delight everyone.

It’s time to dust of the box in the back of the cupboard or go in store to discover the wonderful world of vinyl records.

For more information about Record Store Day, a full list of special releases or information about shops near you, click here.

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