Reviewing the Uni Revue: Episode 69

“Along time ago… In a galaxy far far away…”

Famous for its lewd humour, amazing musical numbers, flawless choreography and references to local politics and pop culture, the evermore popular Uni Revue is back again at the Theatre Royal with Episode 69.

And what better year was there to experience my first revue than in its 69th year!

From the moment the theatre lights were dimmed and the curtain raised to the anthem of the Imperial March, the audience were blasted into ‘hyper drive’ with the first of many musical parodies, ‘Don’t stop me now’ by Queen.

This year’s plot closely resembled the theme of Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a young girl from Rokeby (Rey) gets caught up in a fight against the evil media conglomerate, the ‘First at Six Order’ and their plan to return Tasmania to the dark ages.

Together with the help of a Stormtrooper dropout (Finn) and an adorable droid, ICUP (BB-8), they band together in the search for Peter Gee (Luke Skywalker) to repair the Bass link cable and hinder the plans of evil Supreme Leader, Kaylo Jen (Kylo Ren) once and for all!

The story was broken up with many live and pre-recorded sketches, making the show itself difficult to follow, however nonetheless still engaging and hilarious.

There were lightsaber battles, dancing Stormtroopers and some of the best CGI graphics I had ever seen!

Let’s not forget about the references towards the most offensive Christmas tree in the world, the fully clothed ‘streaker’ at the test cricket, the “MONA shit machine” or even the characterisation of David Walsh and Bob Brown and the unveiling of Kaylo Jen’s true identity – No spoilers here!

Throughout the revue’s history, I am sure that the show has been subject to many criticisms in relation to its themes. However in the eyes of many (including my own), it is obvious that the Uni Revue’s main approach is not to be taken out of distaste or offence but as an outlet to provide a carefree response on some of today’s most pressing social issues.

The only real disappointment I had overall was the quality of sound and the random crackling effect of the microphones dropping in and out from time to time.

Although the actors on stage made every effort for their voices to be heard, it was unfortunate that the audience’s attention was placed more on the prompted lyrics on screen instead of the unfolding scene on stage.

There is no denying that this year’s Uni Revue had my inner nerd sold as soon as my eyes met the printed lightsabers on an audition flyer that was handed to me during O-week earlier this year.

A special thanks goes to the Old Nick Company, the Theatre Royal as well as the cast and crew for providing me a memorable, first Uni Revue experience as well as many laughs.

Don’t miss out on The Uni Revue: Episode 69 as it presents its final show in Hobart tonight at the Theatre Royal before later moving on to the Princess Theatre in Launceston from June 6 – 10.


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