Shake and Stir Theatre Co present Dracula at Theatre Royal

Bram Stoker’s story of Dracula has inspired thousands of romantic and dark tales of horror and the supernatural. Whilst the story of Dracula is great, it is seldom translated into theatre for fear that its legacy cannot be lived up to. However, Shake and Stir Theatre Co did a splendid job in bringing the classic horror story to life on the stage. The cast brought the timeless characters to life in a way that was realistic and relatable to the audience. The use of audio narration also added another layer to the story in such a way that prevented audiences from getting confused by the constant change of setting while also remaining true to the original tale.

There were times however, when the location of where someone was sitting in the audience hindered the view of the action. Those who were seated to the right of the theatre missed a large chunk of the performance that occurred at stage left, which may lead to some confusion as to what was happening. Additionally, the heavy use of smoke machines made the stage incredibly hazy and hard to see for those in the audience who were seated further back. Although, the smoke did add to the mysterious atmosphere wonderfully.

Despite this, the show was a fantastic success. One of the highlights was the clever use of a revolving stage to give the illusion of depth and movement that is typically lost in stage productions. I would recommend the show to anyone who wished to step away from the popular genre of musicals, or to anyone who simply wished to escape to a world more fantastical than reality.



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