The Men in Black: Do They Exist?

Everyone has seen (or at least heard of) The Men in Black films. They follow the adventures of two agents working for a top-secret organisation called the Men in Black, who monitor and police extraterrestrial activity on Earth. The three films, along with the comics they’re based on, are obviously fictitious. But do the Men in Black actually exist? Some people have claimed that they’ve encountered strange men in black suits shortly after seeing a UFO, experiencing something extraterrestrial, or after uncovering information about aliens.

One of the people who had an encounter with the “real” Men in Black was Paul Miller, a U.S. Air Force employee. It was 1961, and Miller was heading home one winter night after a hunting trip, when he allegedly saw a UFO. It was in a field, and when two humanoid figures emerged from it, Miller fired his gun at them in terror. After believing he injured one of the figures with his shots, he sped away from the scene in his car. It was then that he claims to have lost three hours of his memory. When he turned up for work the next day, three men in black suits came up to him and explained that they had his file. Miller was surprised and confused about this, as he hadn’t mentioned his experience the night before to anyone. The men said that they were aware of what had happened, and warned him that his story was best left untold.

Another person who also encountered the real Men in Black was Dr. Herbert Hopkins in 1976. He was in the middle of working on a UFO abduction case when he received a phone call at home. The man on the other end asked if he was alone, explaining that he wanted to talk about the evidence Hopkins had gathered. Then, the caller immediately appeared at Hopkins’ front door, giving the impression he’d been there the whole time. The man was wearing a tailored black suit, was completely hairless, had a mouth that seemed to be only a slit with painted-on lips around it, and had smooth, dead-white skin that looked like plastic. He told Hopkins to destroy the evidence. Hopkins only did so after the suited man made a coin vanish in his hand.

        “It will never be on this plane again,” the man told him. (‘Plane’ in this instance means another esoteric division of existence, not a passenger aircraft).

        There are many others who claim to have had encounters with these men in black. In spite of this, though, there is no concrete evidence that the Men in Black exist. If it does exist, it is definitely being hidden and covered up really well. Someone, or something, is going to great lengths to keep it a secret.


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