The Quiet Ferocity of the Jungle Giants

The Jungle Giants are having one of their most successful years ever. After the release of their latest groovy album Quiet Ferocity, The Jungle Giants are set out to tour Australia, including a show at Hobart’s own Republic Bar. I was lucky enough to sit down with the band’s guitarist Cesira Aitken to discuss the album, its unique creation process, and the band’s upcoming tour.

The recording process for Quiet Ferocity was a bit different compared to others, can you tell me a bit about it?

In comparison to the previous two, like rather than doing huge recording blocks booked months in advance where for a solid period of time we live in a studio, we just booked it as songs came out of Sam’s demo studio. He had a nine-to-five songwriting process for like six months, and then as he started showing us the parts of the demos and where they were at, we’d just say ok, let’s book a weekend, record those two or three songs, smash them out, and then just do the next one when we feel like it’. It was just this on-the-fly, really relaxed process for Sam and for us when it came to recording.

Did producing and recording this album yourselves bring a different energy and feeling to this album?

Sam [was] the producer man and we had one of our friends engineer and co-produce as well. Sam really had the production nailed down with the demos, so I think that’s probably what helped with the process as well when it came to recording. A lot of the production ideas were already there, Sam had them and he had focused on that while he was writing as well. So like 90 per cent of all the production was thought out and nutted out before we even started recording, which was cool.

Any personal favourite tracks off this album for you?

I reckon ‘Used to be in Love’ and ‘Bad Dreamer’ definitely are both some of my favourites, and favourites of the other fellas too. ‘Used to be in Love’ was a pretty interesting one, it definitely came up as at least everyone’s number one or two. It was the result of a song dying on us during recording, and then we needed another track and we dug through the demos — we had kind of forgotten about ‘Used to be in Love’  — and then we just pimped it out, and then we finished it really quickly and we were over the moon, stoked with it. We were really amped to play that one live; one of the favourites for sure.

Your sound has changed greatly since your first EP in 2011, what do you think has caused this?

I would definitely say getting a bit older! We were like 17 or 18 around that time. Also, as we got older, our taste kind of expanded quite a lot, and even though we’re really proud of those old sounds, we grew out of it pretty quickly, and then Sam’s writing style grew and he began to nail it, and we’re all really in love with the sound we’ve got now. We’re hitting a sound that we’re really willing to explore more in the future as well, which is cool. We’ve never really had that before with previous records or EPs or anything. We used to just stop and start, but with this one we feel ready to delve into it a bit more..

I saw that your Melbourne and Brisbane shows for your upcoming tour have already sold out, that’s amazing! How does it feel?

Pretty awesome! I actually think our Byron one has sold out too now. We’re all stoked. The second Brisbane one is about to go and we sold out the one Melbourne show but I think the second one is close as well which is awesome. But we’re super excited, we’ve never really had any run of shows or tour sell out or start to sell so well. I guess everyone’s digging the record, which is awesome. It’s good to see it in the ticket sales.

Lastly, what can fans expect at your Hobart show at the Republic Bar?

Hopefully, because it’s one of the last shows, a polished set! Maybe some cold fingers from us Brisbane folks due to the freezing-cold Tassie weather. We’re looking forward to it, I can’t remember the last time we played Tassie — maybe like two years ago — so we’re super excited. Tassie always turns out a really great crowd, and [they’re always] super amped so hopefully it’s the same, and I’m sure we’ll match the energy. I promise.


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