The Revue Review

So. The 2017 Uni Revue. As a lesbian, I have to say that my eyeballs may never recover from the amount of penis I saw those nights. All tiny jokes aside (sorry boys), the Revue was absolutely outstanding and the best one I’ve seen so far. The theme for this year’s Revue was ‘Make Tasmania Great Again’, so obviously the majority of the Revue centred around Trump, brilliantly portrayed by Thomas Taylor, and his various antics with Pauline Hanson, and of course his love affair with all things Russia and Putin.

Before the show began, there was a screen on stage displaying instagram photos from the audience, using the hashtags #unirevue and #takeadumpwithtrump. This brought the audience into the performance, and was a nice personal touch.

From the opening number, a fist-pumping track set to the Power Rangers theme song, it was clear that the Revue was not going to disappoint. Every musical number was equal parts hilarious, catchy and a little bit rude. These included ‘Hello’, taken from The Book of Mormon, as a way of introducing all of the members of the Liberal party. Jacqui Lambie’s appearance was a highlight of that one! The Pauline Hanson medley was also a moment to remember, the graphics on the screen behind the cast were definitely amusing. Politics aside, this year a well-loved member of the Revue was back! Barry the World’s Worst Lover made an appearance several times in the show, and was as funny as he was in previous years. His snazzy cardigan was also back with a vengeance. At one performance I attended, Barry could not even get his lines out because one woman’s giggle in the audience was so infectious. The audience could not stop laughing! Poor Barry. We do love you.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Uni Revue without a shot at Tassie’s most loved social group, the bogans. There was a stellar musical number with male bogans versus female bogans, set to the tune of ‘Cheap Thrills’ by Sia, and a Family Feud skit that had the audience crying with laughter, myself included! It was the Montgomery-Wentworth family from Sandy Bay versus the Jones family from Bridgewater, and was a definite high point of the show. Harrison Smith as Grant Denyer was such an accurate portrayal it was hard to tell the difference. Sorry Harrison, I promise you’re less irritating than him…

Trump’s alliance with Pauline Hanson was one of the central plots of the show, and their collaboration on building a wall around Burnie was equal parts ridiculously funny. Yet it was funny that it dawned on me how well those right-wing racists would get along…maybe too well! We don’t need any little ranga baby racists running around, that’s for sure.

All in all, the 2017 Uni Revue was a roaring success. Every night I was there I could not see an empty seat. I know I had high expectations from previous years, but this year the cast performed above and beyond. They didn’t even need to use that many props to have the audience rolling in the aisles, and that’s a sign of real talent.

Happy 70th birthday Uni Revue, and here’s to many inappropriate years to come.



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