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What is TogCast, you ask?

TogCast is both everything and nothing.

It is our voices, and also your platform. It is interactive.

TogCast is guests, news, opinions and lifestyle. It is everything.

TogCast is our ramblings. It is nothing.

@togatus_ #togcast

TogCast Episode Three: TogCast Goes Wild

Courtney, John and Louise talk about the important things once again this week; exams, placenta and shapes are all on the menu – Yum!

TogCast Episode Two: Periods, the Pope, and perpetual students

Courtney, Louise and John are joined by Mark this week to discuss topics ranging from the elegance of beards, the pink tax, and family values.

TogCast Episode One: What’s with UTas’ apples?

Courtney, Louise and John discuss what has been grinding their gears this week. From apples to Logies, you’ll hear it all!