TUU By-Elections Results

The Tasmania University Union (TUU) by-elections have concluded and the results have been announced.

612 eligible students, around two per cent of the University of Tasmania’s student population, voted in the online ballot, an increase of two votes from the September 2017 elections.

TUU President Jess Robinson says there is still room for improvement in the future but is glad to see a level of student engagement in the by-elections.

“The process of online voting is something that we will have to consider moving forward,” she said.

“It is a great way of engaging students in their busy timetables and provides them a level of flexibility to have a say.”

Following these by-elections and the resignation of Teng Keng Hoo from the position of International Students Officer South, the number of vacant TUU student representative positions is 11.

38 students now have the job of representing the 35,000 students that study at UTas.

Students are still welcome and encouraged to engage with the TUU and can apply to fill one of the vacant positions.


Sports PresidentAli Ghahremanlou

YES: 385 (84%)
NO: 74 (16%)


Women’s OfficerMaria Daglas

Maria Daglas: 251 (62%)
Sarah Livingston: 152 (38%)

Medical School RepresentativeDaniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson: 246 (61%)
Christian Mich: 160 (39%)


SecretarySaif Islam

Saif Islam: 306 (59%)
Sarah Young: 211 (41%)

International Students OfficerYue Ma

Yue Ma: 283 (50.27%)
Alex Guibord: 280 (49.73%)

Postgraduate Representative South Alex Guibord

Alex Guibord: 297 (51%)
Hans Zhuang: 280 (49%)


SecretaryLemuel Chin

Lemuel Chin: 319 (52%)
Shouvojit Sarker: 293 (48%)


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