TUU Elections: Alliances Form

Alliances have been formed across party lines and battle grounds outlined as the nomination period wraps up for the Tasmania University Union (TUU) student representative elections.

Just 27 positions are up for grabs these elections after an extensive restructure of the union nearly halved the number of representative roles.

Togatus understands a large ticket has been formed by current Campus President South Sharifah Syed Rohan, and consists of 18 candidates for the State Council as well as the North and South SRCs.

Sharifah Syed Rohan will run for President under the ‘Elevate’ ticket, with fellow law student Matthew Clark nominating for the position of Deputy President.

2018 Sports President Ali Ghahremanlou will run for Postgraduate President, and Dillon Ong is running for Campus President North now that the role of Education President has been abolished as part of the restructure.

Tasmania University Law Society (TULS) Vice-President Gabrielle Carswell will run for Societies President on the ticket, but is likely to face off with incumbent Morgan Read, who will be running independently.

Togatus has learned Morgan Read was approached to be part of the ticket but declined.

Also joining the Elevate ticket is Harry Fawcett, who will run for Campus President South, and Michael Tarbath who has nominated for Sports President.

Newly elected UTAS Labor Society President, Ben Dudman has nominated for the position of Queer Officer on the SRC South.

Sharifah Syed Rohan told Togatus her ticket recognises the significance of bringing an apolitical approach to the TUU.

“The student interest is of paramount importance, and we will be ensuring that remains the same,” she said.

“We will be following the leadership of Jess Robinson in 2018 by keeping our processes impartial, to ensure party politics does not influence how we conduct ourselves.”

UTAS Liberal Students member Joshua Garvin will run on the ticket for Disabilities Officer on the SRC South.

Existing TUU student representatives Zoe Douglas Kinghorn, Jessie-Mae Branch, Mia Kealy and Arno Dubois will all be running as part of the ticket.

Elevate’s Elliot Krzysik will be running against independent Conservatorium of Music student Harry Payne who have both nominated for Welfare Officer on the SRC South.

Each candidate will now have their eligibility checked before a complete list of nominations is published.

Polling will be conducted online from Tuesday 9 October to Thursday 11 October. Students eligible to vote will receive an email at the commencement of voting containing a link to the online ballot.

Results will be released on Friday 12 October. Stay up to date by following @togatus_ and #polituu #TUUelections on Twitter.

PHOTO: Sharifah Syed Rohan talking to a voter at the 2017 TUU elections.


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  1. AvatarAlex Guibord Reply

    For the sake of balance, I want everyone to know I submitted my nomination forms — but still awaiting confirmation — so I can run for Sports President. 😉👋 I’m currently serving as the Postgraduate Officer for SRC South. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d appreciate a shout-out, too. 😊

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