University Unity Needed

It’s time. Time to speak out against blatant discrimination.

The University of Tasmania has become the latest Australian institution to be targeted by a far-right, extremist group. Their posters of hatred have been plastered around the Domain Campus (Nursing and Midwifery) in Hobart.

This is not a merely a ‘prank’. This is not just a joke. These are hurtful, disgraceful messages. Messages that do not belong in our 21st century society.

University campuses should be places of integrity – not places where people feel victimised, bullied and marginalised.

Racism, homophobia and sexism are some of the pillars of this group. They describe themselves as the “Hitlers you’ve been waiting for”.

Their goal is to create a society of disunity and fear.

The Tasmanian University Union (TUU) has condemned the “anti-semitic and homophobic attack” by the white supremacist and neo-Nazi group that have carried out their attacks of vandalism at universities across Australia.

Clark Cooley, TUU President, has said that we need to embrace diversity.

“Any such discrimination will not be tolerated. This is a deeply horrific message to be sending to the multicultural makeup of our university and the broader Tasmanian community,” he said.

As a university community we should be outraged by the provocative messages delivered by this group.

We need to continue to be unified not divided.

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