Velvet at the Spiegeltent

As the Spiegeltent’s headline act, Velvet did not disappoint. A clever blend of 80s disco music and acrobatics had the audience rapt and longing to get up and dance along to the classics.

Skillful aerial dances and daring feats of balance and coordination had everyone at the edge of their seats while beloved 80s ballads like Abba’s Dancing Queen and The Weather Girls’ It’s Raining Men had the audience singing and laughing along with the cast.  

With 80s disco culture as the theme, Velvet seamlessly blended much loved classics of circus, like aerial rings, hula hoops, the Russian rope, and acrobatics. Velvet took the dominating aspects of the culture and molded a show around them and the audience. They immersed the audience in the disco scene, from the club like atmosphere of the interior to the runway stage and the engaging disco DJ wearing iconic robot glasses and a crystal studded leather jacket.

Whilst some aspects of the show had the potential to feel forced and clichéd, like the chains and leather performance of The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight or the spandex clad hula hooper, the cast of Velvet pulled it off flawlessly. Each performance engaged the audience with nostalgia and fast-paced joy.

Standouts from the show include the very glittery sequin clad back-up singers in their performance of Gerald and Peter Jackson’s Turn the Beat Around, the utterly talented percussionist DJ, Joe Accaria, and the magnificent singer Marcia Hines along with the humorous crowd favourite Craig Reid and his mastery of the hula hoops.

Velvet is a must see show for any fans of disco and acrobatics, and while tickets are pricey, the raw talent of the cast and clever premise more than make up for the cost of seats.


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  1. AvatarLiz duncan Reply

    I loved seeing marcia again and still looks great for her talented years.

    But the show stopper for me was craig Reid ..He was fantastic with the hoops and had me in a belly laugh..Congrates to you Craig….

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