The Tasmania University Union’s (TUU) first Welcome Week has been and gone, but you’re in for a ripper start to Semester 2 as Welcome Week 2.0 is about to kick off, and boy are we excited to tell you all about it.

Welcome Week is the week of activities that takes place in the first week of the uni semester between July 16th and July 20th.

Trying to come up with a rad schedule for all of the University of Tasmania’s southern students is hard yakka, but we have some events that are bound to get you excited. Anything beats hitting the books and handing in assignments and we’ve got an epic line-up just for you.

During Welcome Week 2.0, you’ll see activities like live bands, a glitter gala, free food, petting zoos, night markets, an art workshop, trivia nights and much more!

#YourTUU strongly encourages all UTas students to get involved, and see what UTas and the TUU have on offer, not only to get reacquainted, or even acquainted with your campus, but to meet new people and get amongst the festivities. PLUS, did we mention that all of our events are free to ALL UTas students?!

Can it get any better? Here’s the schedule so you know what’s happening on campus:

Monday 16th of July

12pm-2pm: Free BBQ and Petting Zoo

6pm-9pm: Free Pizza and Trivia Night at Hobart City Apartments


Tuesday 17th of July

12pm-1:30pm: Free Lunch at Domain

7pm-9pm: Trivia Night at Jane Franklin Hall


Wednesday 18th of July

12pm-1:30pm: Free Lunch at IMAS

5pm-8pm: TARTS Glitter Gala


Thursday 19th of July

2pm-4pm: Afternoon Tea and Creative Workshop at Hunter St

6pm-9pm: Free Pizza and Trivia Night at Sandy Bay Accommodation


Friday 20th of July

12pm-2pm: Free BBQ Lunch and Coffee Van at Menzies

12pm-2pm: Pizza at the Con

4:30pm-10pm: A Night at the University


We can’t wait to see you getting amongst Welcome Week 2.0!



#yourTUU xx


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