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Where the fuck was O Week?

It’s a war of words. No one wants to claim responsibility for renaming the historical “O Week” (a nationwide tradition) to “Welcome Week”, or for the cancellation of the flagship O Week concert.

So what the hell happened?

And in a historic move, the O Week Friday concert has been axed for the first time in decades. TUU State President Clark Cooley called the move “very disappointing” and claimed the university refused to fund the concert.

UTas Executive Director of Student Experience, Stephanie Taylor said, “The university did not believe it was appropriate to allocate such a large portion of Orientation Week funds, which are primarily earmarked for transitioning and welcoming new students into University life, to a concert held in Hobart that was open to students and the public. The University did offer to make a contribution if the TUU went ahead with the concert.”

Either way, UTas now missed out on the long running flagship O Week concert.

And it would be hard to have an O Week concert when we no longer have an O Week.

Breaking a tradition at least 60 years strong, the TUU has bowed to the university and agreed to rename the nationwide week of festivities and foolishness as “Welcome Week”.

Cooley told Togatus the university pushed for the name change to avoid confusion with “Orientation Week” (the week before uni starts where the university hosts events).

However, Stephanie Taylor said that  “last year the student representatives of the TUU agreed to a change in messaging and introduced ‘Welcome Week’.”

Either way, UTas is now one of the only universities across the country without “O Week”, and you have your student reps and university to thank.

Someone please go protect ScavHunt.

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