Why You Should Care About March 3

Cancel your plans, clear your calendar and save the date: Tasmanians will be going to the polls on March 3.

Candidates have been in unofficial campaign mode for months and if you haven’t already seen political ads on TV, sponsored posts on social media and billboards on the side of the road, expect to see a lot more of them over the next month.

The Tasmanian State Election is just around the corner, and you have a say on who governs our state.

Voting is compulsory and it is easier than you might think.

The state is divided into five electorates, and the population of each electorate elects five politicians to make up the 25 member House of Assembly.

On polling day, you have to order at least five candidates on the ballot in the order you prefer. Choose wisely, as the elected members will represent you for the next four years.

Unlike other state and federal elections, Tasmania’s unique Hare-Clark voting system shifts the focus on individual candidates, rather than political parties.

Enrol to vote to have your say. If you have recently moved to Tasmania or within the state, you will need to update your enrolment.

You can check your enrolment to see which electorate you will be voting in.

With just over a month of campaigning to go, there has never been a more exciting time to be an enrolled Tasmanian, you have the power to have your voice heard.


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