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Killing Heidi “back to enjoy” the rebirth of female rock’n’roll.

You may remember waking up on a Saturday morning during the early noughties, flicking through the four available TV channels and finding on ABC’s ‘Rage’ a young dreadlocked four piece filling your lounge room with hits like ‘Weir’ and ‘Mascara’. It was during this time that the band in question Killing Heidi were at the peak of their music powers, finishing #2 in Triple J’s Hottest 100 and reaching 4x platinum status for their album ‘Reflector’.

In an exclusive interview with Togatus, Killing Heidi frontwoman Ella Hooper spoke openly about the band’s upcoming reunion tour, and voiced her excitement about the success that young female artists are having on the Australian music scene in 2017.

“It’s an amazing time for females in music,” she said.

“There’s a lot of female rock and pop happening, and I was really pleased with last year and (have been pleased with) this year so far in that sense.”

After exchanging emails with Camp Cope lead vocalist Georgia Macdonald, Ella was thrilled to hear that the sounds of Killing Heidi’s grunge-rock are influencing one of Australia’s most promising all-girl acts.

“I’ve spoken with those guys about it… and found out that she (Georgia) was a fan, and that there was an influence there,

“I’m so happy for all these young women to come out and take the baton and run with it because I feel like after killing Heidi finished there wasn’t really anyone carrying the flag for a while, it just sort of seemed to drop off. It wasn’t in trend, and now it is and I’m so pleased.”

Killing Heidi’s recent announcement of a come-back tour which kicks off in Hobart on May 6, follows on from a historic year for female singers in 2016, with female vocals featuring in seven of the top-ten songs of Triple J’s Hottest 100.

Also playing in Hobart for the ‘Goods Shed Sessions’ in May is Hottest 100 bronze-medallist Tash Sultana who, like Killing Heidi has welcomed a wave of success early in her career.

“Even though we’re not all playing on the same night, we love that sense of being alongside fellow artists… Her (Tash Sultana’s) success has just been amazing. She’s done it her way and we feel that it’s great that Killing Heidi can come back and be part of a community after all these years.”

Fans of Killing Heidi can expect to see a revived spin on all the bands classic tracks which will feature in their upcoming national tour. A number of instruments are expected to be added to their live shows to give the band a more complete sound.

“We’ve let ourselves bring a bit more (to the band) musically. Because back in the day Killing Heidi were just a four-piece… And now it sounds so beautiful, it sounds a lot more fleshed out and maybe a bit more mature.”

You can catch Killing Heidi on May 06 from 7.30pm playing at the Goods Shed, Hobart. Tickets available through


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